At Abraided, the focus is on creating high quality pieces that meet the specific needs of our customers. Function is never sacrificed for fashion but we are proud to produce pieces that look great and work even better. Every piece is hand made. We take no short cuts.


Mr. A began selling high quality, custom, braided pieces in 2009 in the Louisville, KY area. Starting small and working locally, we now proudly have customers around the world.

In the time since Mr. A started, we have gone from strictly braided pieces to a wide array of items geared towards the BDSM / fetish community.

Also, because we are happy to support vegetarians and vegans in our communities, almost all of our products can be made using synthetic materials so please donʼt hesitate to ask about availability and pricing.

At Abraided, we feel everyone should have great toys that they are happy to get to use!

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